This is based of the history of TARPG. Info may have some holes in it.

v0.x (WIP)Edit


v0.1 is the first release for TARPG. It isn't a full release, nor is it the largest.

  • First release for Minecraft 1.4.5


v0.2 introduced a few things, and tweaked a few things. Not too much.

  • New Scorpion Model and Texture
  • Added Wraith
  • Vampire Tweaks
    • Now attack Villagers
    • Harder to find
  • New items
    • Ghastly Bow
    • Ghastly Essence
    • The Blade of Drath Ammo
      • It leeches life from the target when shot from The Blade of Drath
  • The Blade of Poison now poisons target
  • Blade of Drath now works properly

v0.3 "The Tweak Update"Edit

v0.3 was the first update to include only tweaks. Nothing new was introduced in v0.3.

  • Fixed the Ghastly Bow
    • No longer crashes your game
  • Ghastly Bow now has 100 uses
  • Blade of Drath now has 100 uses
  • Wraith now have a custom sound
  • Scorpions will always drop 1 Scorpion Eye and sometimes a Poison Sac
  • Vampires may drop a single blood bottle.
  • Wraiths may drop a single ghastly essence
  • The Blade of Drath Ammo now called Bloody Flesh
  • Vampires now spawn max once in a chunk
  • Life Steal ability now visible


As of yet, v0.4 is the largest update for TARPG. Some features may be forgotten.

  • Mod remade in forge</li>
  • New spawn egg colours</li>
  • Added weapon tooltips</li>
      • Damage
      • Effects
    • Custom creative tabs for TARPG items
    • Blade of Drath now has 500 durability
    • Wraiths now have 3 textures
    • Wraiths are now named properly in-game
    • Scorpions and Vampires now take fall damage
    • Added Jungle Golem
    • Added Jungle Javelin
      • Do not use it! It will crash your game and corrupt your world!
    • Added recipe for the Ghastly Bow
    • Fixed Wraith Model
    • Ghastly Essence retextured

    Mini-update 0.4_01

    v0.4_01 is made mainly to fix the critical bug where the Javelin crashes your game and corrupts your world.

    • Fixed bug where Javelin crashes your game and corrupts your world.
    • Javelins now have sounds
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