The vampire was the first mob to actually be coded into the mod, released in v0.1, along with the Scorpion.

The Vampire. It also has a red cape (not shown in screenshot)


The vampire has a light grey/brown skin tone. It wears a black shirt with torn sleeves, black pants with torn legs, even "blacker" shoes/boots, and a red cape. It can be seen attacking Villagers and Cows in it's sight. This creature moves swiftly, and if there are many vampires, they can cause a lot of damage. It is also slightly hunched over. The eyes are a dark, blood red.


The Spawn rate of the Vampire, as of v0.2, is very low. The vampire spawns in packs of 1 - 2.


When you kill a Vampire, they have a chance of dropping a Blood Bottle, which is primarily used to craft The Blade of Drath and Bloody Flesh

Other InfoEdit

  • The vampire burns in the daylight
  • Vampires attacking cows are based off of a trait of the Vampire Bat. Vampire Bats bite the legs of sleeping cows, and lick up the blood.



  • Introduced


  • Lowered spawn rate
  • Now will attack villagers


  • No longer drops 0 - 2 Blood Bottles
    • Now has a chance of dropping a single blood bottle
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